Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 4 Teaser


“I have a Miss Isabella Swan here to see you.”

While I wait for the front desk attendant to confirm my arrival with Edward, I notice a Zen water garden tucked away in a peaceful spot. I need more Zen in my life, especially right now; perhaps I should take Angela up on those yoga classes too.

“Very good. I’ll add her to your list. Miss Swan, if you go down this hall, you will locate the elevators. Mr. Masen is on the eighth floor, apartment 818.”

“Thank you.”

After a quick trip in the elevator, I locate Edward’s apartment easily and get ready to knock when the door suddenly swings wide open.

“Bella.” Edward’s face lights up. “Come in.”

“Hey.” My stomach flutters at the sight of finally seeing him face-to-face again. He’s every bit as handsome as I recall.

As I walk through the doorway, Edward leans in, leaving a quick peck on my lips. I’m a little startled, realizing we’ve just had our first kiss, and I wasn’t ready.

Edward closes the door behind me, but I’m frozen in place with how to fix this.

His happiness at my arrival evaporates instantly when he sees the concern on my face. “What is it?”

I touch my fingertips to my lips. “Did we just have our first kiss?”

“Uh, I guess we did. Not what you were expecting?”

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