Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 3 Teaser


“I’ve got an idea. We should have you and your dad over for dinner one night upstairs in the private residence. I can ask Billy and Jacob. Who knows where Seth is? I think he’s giving security a constant migraine. It may be their new code word for him.”

I laugh. “Seth is a handful.”

“Bella, he’s my son, but dear Lord, the trouble he can find himself in so fast boggles my mind.”

“Just let us know. I’m sure Dad won’t want to miss an opportunity for all of us to hang out like old times.”

“I can cook. I doubt the chef here would understand our concept of a fish fry, and I know Harry will want to plan a night when there’s a game to watch as well. I wonder if I can have some of that beer Charlie loves shipped from back home.”

“Rainier beer. He does love his ‘Vitamin R’.” I chuckle. “Sue, I’m going to run to the restroom before we get started.”

“All right, Bella. Thank you for coming today, and I’ll let you know when we have time for a La Push-Forks-style dinner.”

“I’ll talk with you later, Sue.” After one last hug, Sue is the perfect hostess who moves to welcome another guest, making everyone feel at ease and comfortable in one of the nation’s most prestigious homes.

When I push open the heavy bathroom door, I find a few women gathered in front of the mirrors, touching up their makeup. I recognize two of them as Justice Denali’s sisters, Tanya and Irina. If there’s a party invitation they want, the two of them can seek it out better than any bloodhound. I don’t know anyone whose faces are plastered across the society pages more than the Denali sisters; though, the extremely private Justice Denali seems to be the exception. An older woman I don’t recognize is in a deep discussion with Tanya, but the other woman, whose reflected smile matches my own, I would know a mile away.

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