Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 23 Teaser

24 C23DGTeaser

I remove a wrapped rectangular box from under my side of the bed and hold it out for him to take. “Happy anniversary, Em.”

He looks surprised by the wrapped package in my hand. “Oh, we’re exchanging gifts now? I thought we would wait until after the meeting.”

“Let’s do it now. We have time, and I’m sure you will be ready to focus on other things after the meeting, like unwinding.” I wink.

He always requires time to decompress afterward, and it usually involves us both naked, if we get that far. Sometimes, we barely get through the front door because he desperately needs a reconnection between us.

“Hold on.” He walks into the closet and retrieves a large, square box, then holds it out for me. “Happy anniversary, Tan. You go first.”

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