Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 21 Teaser

22 C21DGTeaser

“What have you been doing for Tanya?”

“Uh, nothing really, which is why I suggested this vacation. She’s not the hearts and flowers type.”

“Dad, every woman is the flowers type. You seem to have forgotten how to romance a woman. It sounds like the two of you are great roommates or maybe I should say she is. But what about the wooing and love? You’re supposed to be dating.”

“That’s Paris talking. I live in Seattle.”

“Dad, you’ve gotten lazy and you’re letting Tanya take care of you without you ever doing anything to take care of her. You need to step up your game and remind her of why you’re great and the two of you are the perfect match.”

“Step up my game.”

“Yes, you need to figure out how to sweep her off her feet. She deserves love and pampering. She’s kept you on the sober straight and narrow for almost two years.”

“Twenty months,” I correct.

“And you’re doing great.”

“I am, but maybe I’m the one who’s not fun or exciting anymore.”

“You know that’s not true. You’re always a lot of fun.”

“What if she’s bored with me?”

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