Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 20 Teaser

21 C20DGTeaser

“I’m excited to meet Laurent,” Beth adds.

“Well, that makes one of us.”

“Oh, Emmett. He seems like a wonderful man, and Lily is quite taken with him. They have so much in common.”

I roll my eyes at her optimism. “There’s a reason for the saying opposites attract. How wonderful can he be with a name like Laurent? And if I hear the words ‘Laurent says’ one more time I’m going to lose it. I doubt he’s good enough for her.”

A welcome voice joins our group. “Hello, everyone. You aren’t harping on Laurent again, are you, Emmett?”

“Tanya, you look lovely.” Beth gives her a hug.

Tanya pulls away, admiring Beth’s dress. “As do you.” Then turns, holding out her hand to George. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. Do we want to wait in the bar?” George suggests, pointing in that direction.

“Or out here in the lobby?” Tanya offers, waving her hand toward an empty couch and chairs, facing the main entry door, as she knows how anxious I am to see Lily.

Before we can settle into the chairs, there’s a squeal followed by, “Daddy!”

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