Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 19 Teaser

20 C19DGTeaser

My eyes flutter open to the darkness and deafening silence as I wonder where I am.

I’m disoriented by my surroundings, but shivering cold as I listen to the sound of rain pattering against metal.

There’s a bloody taste in my mouth and I try to move, but when I do, there’s immediate pain in some areas and numbness in others.

A burning chemical smell overrides all of my senses as sirens wail in the distance.

“Over here! He’s moving,” someone shouts.

It feels like hours pass as I fade then wake to noises around me.

The darkness changes as lights flicker blue then red.

A den of muffled voices can be heard until one is louder than the others. “Let’s try to cut him out.”

“Ambulance will be here in five minutes,” another voice shares.

“Hold on, buddy. We’ll have you out of here as quick as possible. Bring the spreader.”

My eyes close and my head falls back against the headrest. My mind tries to make sense of the swirling thoughts and voices around me until they fade into silence and I give into a deep, satisfying sleep.

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