Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 17 Teaser

18 C17DGTeaser

The sound of a motorcycle pulling up in front of the shop gets my attention, but the sight of Lily climbing off the back almost has me coming unglued.

Edward laughs at the sight. “You better get that stick out of your ass. Here she comes. I’ve got a feeling you’re about to be the not-cool dad with your current attitude.”

I push open the door, heading outside as he follows me.

“Daddy! I want you to meet someone.” She pulls off her helmet then pecks the driver on the lips. “This is Riley. Riley, this is my dad, Emmett Cullen.”

“Hello, Mr. Cullen.”

I nod and give my most intimidating glare.

“I met Riley this afternoon thanks to Uncle Edward.”

I shift my glare to Edward who only laughs.

“Hey, Riley. Lily, I need to get back to work. Happy birthday, Princess.”

“Thanks, Uncle Edward. I have more good news. I called Aunt Bella, and she’s on her way. I want to tell everyone in person.”

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