Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 15 Teaser

16 C15DGTeaser

Her phone vibrates with an incoming text.

“Aunt Bella’s waiting for me at the shop.”

“Did the two of you have plans?”

“I texted her about getting my license today and she said we should celebrate.”

“Should I call ahead and warn Cupcake Royale?” I tease.

Lily chuckles. “That’s a good guess, but we may go to Golden Wheat Bakery… too.”


She shrugs. “Maybe I’ll have a surprise of my own for you later today.”

“Okay. We’re still on for dinner?”

“Absolutely. I can drive too.”

“We’ll see.”

We ride in comfortable silence, and we’re almost back at the shop when Lily clears her throat.



“Um, my mother’s name isn’t ‘Honey,’ is it?”

Here we go. I knew this was coming.

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