Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 13 Teaser

14 C13CGTeaser

After my session with Irina, I’m exhausted, but I don’t have the luxury of staying home and pulling my head together as I normally do after one of our sessions. I would love to lose myself in a glass of whisky or between Rachel’s legs, but it isn’t possible this evening.

Tonight, I’m taking Rachel, Lily, and five of Lily’s friends to a concert at CenturyLink Field where the Seahawks play. I scored eight tickets with VIP backstage passes to what Rachel and Lily claim is the biggest concert of the year. They haven’t stopped chattering with excitement since I gave Lily the heads up on the tickets for her birthday earlier this week.

Top Shelf is a new boy band from Canada starting the first leg of their U.S. tour in Seattle. According to Lily, the five teens grew up playing hockey in the same hockey club from the time they were little, but abandoned their roots to start a singing career with some hotshot producer in Vancouver. Their debut album Faceoff is climbing the charts, but it’s that damn catchy song, Icebreakers, that has every female’s panties in a twist.

I’ve done my research and they all look like trouble.

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