Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 12 Teaser

13 C12DGTeaser

“Dad, isn’t this great?” Lily’s bouncing on her toes as another group of her friends arrives for the party.

Our birthday tradition of just the two of us has increased by eleven this year, and I’m doing everything I can to keep a smile on my face.

It seemed like a harmless idea. Let’s go bowling. Then it turned into bowling with “a few friends,” which quickly morphed into a guest list where, “I can’t leave this person out or this person won’t show up if this person isn’t invited.” Now, it is a boy-girl party with a lot of whispering, squealing, and flirty smiles.

I’m thrilled Lily is popular and has a great group of friends—girls and boys included, but this birthday feels a little crowded. Or at least I feel pushed aside in favor of “a new best friend” and a punk with “dreamy eyes.”

I saw his eyes, and they didn’t look “dreamy.” I don’t like how close he and Lily are standing, and I’m doing everything I can to keep an eye on the two.

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