Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 9 Teaser


I set down Lily’s birthday present and peer into the kitchen, watching them assemble one of Bella’s favorite cookies—macarons. The two of them baking together for her birthday has been a welcome distraction, as we’ve suffered a few losses over the past few months, bringing a dark cloud to this year’s birthday celebration.

First, it was Luna then Dad. Lily hasn’t been doing well with either of their deaths. Her usually bubbly personality has all but disappeared. She’s been withdrawn and moody with no end in sight.

I’m at my limit on figuring out what to do, asking Edward and Bella for help. Bella suggested she spend time with her, baking together—one of Lily’s favorite things to do. Bella thought it would also give her an opportunity to talk about losing Luna and her grandfather since she’s been keeping everything bottled up.

“You’re doing a great job with the strawberry ones. It’s a perfect pink.” Bella taps Lily’s nose, then stuffs an entire finished pink cookie in her mouth.

Lily does the same, then they both giggle with full mouths as Lily holds her cheeks. “We look like chipmunks.”

Her giggle is music to my ears—a first in too long.

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