Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 7 Teaser


Unfortunately, all the women I’m fucking around with look like someone I know. If they’re blonde, I immediately classify them as a “Rose” who is likely to be bitchy or a “Honey” who is sweet and will let me do anything. Redheads all remind me of Vic and those freckles I find drive me wild. And brunettes with dark eyes? Well, Edward would kill me if he knew the fantasies I’ve been having about his wife.

It was bound to happen. Bella is always so damn kind and helpful. She’s over at our home frequently or Lily is over at their place. I’m fighting some type of attraction for her, which makes me nauseous even to think about.

Not that Bella hasn’t aged well. Exactly the opposite. She’s thirty-five and looks great despite having put on a few pounds after all the pregnancies, but that isn’t what’s drawing me to her.

She’s the one woman who isn’t related to me that’s been in my life for over twelve years now. I find myself not only drawn to her looks, but who she is as a person too.

Which is why, Nipple Girl was an easy “yes” when she dropped to her knees.

Yeah, my head is really a fucked up place right now.

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