Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 6 Teaser


“Hey, Bella.” My eyes check the room as to who may listen to my conversation, and I step outside in the rain to take her call. I don’t need any gossiping moms putting either of us in a bad position.

“Em, I need to ask a huge favor of you. And I know you probably already have birthday plans with Lily, but Charlie and Peter’s soccer game started late and now, it’s running late. I can’t get back there in time to pick up the girls from dance class.”

“Say no more. I’ll bring them home.”

Bella lets out a heavy exhale. “Em, they’re probably hungry too—”

“Look, Lily and I don’t have big plans. She wants to go to McDonald’s and will be thrilled the twins can tag along. No problem. I’ll make sure they eat.”

“Em, you’re a lifesaver. Edward is teaching tonight and won’t be home until late. The game should be over by the time you and the girls finish dinner.”

“I got it, and if you aren’t home by then, they can hang with Lily and me until you’re back.”

“Thanks, Em. You’re the best.”

“Spread the word. I can always use some good press.”

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