Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 5 Teaser


“Lily, you hit the jackpot. Let’s go sit down. Our food should be ready soon.”

“But we need to turn in my tickets.” She whines.

“We’ll do that after we eat, then you can pick something from the prize wall.”

“How many tickets do you think I have? A million?”

Her estimate is way off. “No, probably a couple of thousand.”

“That’s still a lot. Thank you, Daddy, for letting us come here. It’s the best. I love Whac-A-Mole.”

“I’m glad you’re having fun and you’re a pro at bopping those guys on the head.” I tap her own head playfully as she jumps up and down.

She pauses, climbing into our booth. “What was that game again that you got so many tickets?”

“Skee-Ball.” I slide into the spot across from her.

“That’s it. I couldn’t remember.” Lily empties her arms, pushing her winnings to the other end of the table.


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