Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 4 Teaser


Luna nuzzles next to Lily, and I finish tucking her in for an early night, when I hear a soft knock at the front door. I look through the peephole, surprised to see my late-night guest.

Opening the door wide for her to come in from the rain, I wave her inside. “Hey, Vic.”

Her eyes are red, and I’m on alert something’s up, as I can tell she’s been crying.

“Hey, Em. I hope it isn’t too late. Am I interrupting?”

“Not at all. You’re drenched. Give me your coat.”

“Sorry. I’m getting everything wet.” She slides her coat from her arms revealing her curvy figure. She’s wearing a thin, tight T-shirt—no bra—and stretchy pants. My eyes linger over her peaked nipples for a moment, then I hang up her coat.

“It’s okay. Are you cold? I’ve probably got a sweatshirt you can wear to warm up.” And cover up those distracting big tits and curvy hips or I’ll never hear a word she’s saying at this rate.

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