Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 3 Teaser

04c3dgteaserLily is busy unboxing her Easy Bake Oven and looking over all the contents while I’m fixing our plates full of food. My phone vibrates in my pocket. I see who is texting me and let out a sigh when I see it’s James.

Where are you?

I’m reluctant to tell James about my plans for this evening, as I already know his response. Before I have time to reply, he sends another text.

We’re starting at the Hideout.

I’m busy. It’s Lily’s birthday.

Get a sitter. Plenty of girls here. Take your pick.

He sends three photos. No faces but barely concealed tits. One chick is showing her nipples off in a see-through, no bra shirt. Shit. They look good.

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