Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 2 Teaser

03c2dgteaser“Hello, how can I help you?” The hostess eyes me up and down, admiring the view, until her eyes land on my date, then her smile fades.

It’s hard to conceal my smirk knowing I can easily turn the head of any woman in the room. “6:00 p.m. reservation for two. Emmett Cullen.” I smile down at Lily who is dressed in a new pink dress for this evening.

“Yes, Mr. Cullen. I see it here.” She grabs a menu. “Right this way.”

Copine is one of the elite restaurants in Seattle with French-inspired, American cuisine. I also enjoy taking dates to another favorite, Canlis, but it’s a little more exclusive for when I need a “Wow” factor. A little attention and most women are putty in my hands, but there are a few who hold out before giving up the goods and Canlis always does the trick. No one can resist the restaurant’s charm or me after a visit there.

I grip Lily’s hand as we wind our way through the mostly empty tables.

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